“25th anniversary of local government revival.  1990 local election in Poland against changes in transformation period (1989-1991).”

Chełm  14-15 September,  2015

The year 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of local government revival. They are the most significant achievements of the transformation period after 1989. The elections to town councils in 1990 marked the beginning of building of a  civil society identity and restored to local communities the right to co-decision making.

Restoration of the idea of local government after more than half century break was possible by adoption of March 8 Act on local governments. Local communities  thus , gained legitimacy to manage a share of public affairs, communes received their own sources of income and the ability to decide on expenditures.

Twenty-five years of evolution of Polish local government is also a change to the original model of local government, performed by amendments to the local government law, financing and changes within electoral law.

The State School of Higher Education in Chełm  in cooperation with Chełm Local Government holds on  14 – 15 September 2015 a conference devoted to local government and local government elections held in 1990 in Chełm region against changes in transformation period.

The intention of the organizers is also to lead a debate on optimal model of local government for Ukraine, socio-political determinants, financial and political solutions on the constitutional level. Ukrainian academic institutions have also contributed in organizing the conference.

Local government officials , academic workers, specialists and researchers involved in the subject matter are welcomed to participate. The languages of the conference are: Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The result of the conference will be a collective monograph, consisting of articles accepted for publication, after a review process. Deadline for submission of texts: October / November of 2015. Planned date of publication: 2016.

Honorary Patronage of the conference was taken by Senator prof. dr hab. Józef Zając, the State School of Higher Education rector and Agata Fisz, the president of Chełm